Our Projects

The Edmonton Nature Centre Foundation (ENCF) was established in 1979 with a mandate to raise funds for the ongoing development of the John Janzen Nature Centre. In line with this objective, ENCF and staff of the Nature Centre developed a Master Plan in 1996, to guide the activities of the Nature Centre and describe in detail the types of exhibits and displays to be provided for the enjoyment of visitors.


The Master Plan identifies potential key projects for consideration in the years to come, as funding becomes available.

In 2012 a major expansion was completed and the Tegler Discovery Zone opened to the public. The Green Roof opened in the summer of 2013.

Tegler Discovery Zone

ENCF raised more than $500,000 towards this capital initiative.


Climb a birch tree and hang out underground in a squirrel's midden. Get busy as a bee with our live bee hive and build your own flower to pollinate. These are just some of the things you can do in the Tegler Discovery Zone.


This new indoor play space re-creates local wildlife habitat in a way that allows children to learn about nature through play. Crawling and climbing structures are designed for children up to age 10, although all ages are welcome to explore the rest of the Tegler Discovery Zone.

Green Roof

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